Activity Feed Updates - August 2017

The activity feed has been updated with additional data and a refactored layout:


On the newly designed Profile pages, the Activity Feed has been moved to the right-side of the page. In
it’s new narrower view, some of the content is now represented with icons – this content can be viewed
by placing your mouse over the icon (mobile will require a single tap) and in most cases, clicking the icon
will take to the respective page within the app. Some of the icons include:

  • Agent Count or Single Agent Name - If there is a single related agent to an item it will show just the name, otherwise it will show a count of the number of agents affected
  • Check Number
  • Bill Number
  • Vendor Name
  • Edited By

Additional identifying features of the activity feed:

  • An icon or abbreviation on the left-side of each item represent's the item's type
  • A colored bar next to the icon will indicate if the item is an Open or Accrued status. A gray bar means that the item has been closed

New Filter Functionality

At the top of the Activity Feed, we've introduced a Date Range Filter. When the feed loads, the default is 30-days, showing only items that been posted in the last 30 days. The other options are 60-days, 90-days, All Activity, or the user can set a custom date range:


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