Set up Recurring AR Charges


Tops[One] allows you to save time and schedule reoccurring charges. The following steps will walk you through setting up reoccurring charges and how to verify it’s an automated charge.


Step by Step 

1. On the Navigation pane. Click Accounts Receivable then Charges 

Check that you are in the correct community on the top left of the page.

You can click the arrow and select another community as needed.

2. Click actions then Apply Charges 

This will open the Charges page

3. Under Function select Apply Charges

You can also choose any of the other options as needed. Late fee, interest, ect.

4. Select the desired Post Date.

5. Scheduling - three option


This time only


Accrues the charges and notifies to review and post the charges.


Accrues and posts the charges without any further user interaction. 

6.  Settings

Select all codes you wish to include in this application of charges.

7. Schedule Job 

Fill in the information requested  

8. When finished, click  at the top right 


Where do I see my scheduled/automated jobs? 

View/Edit Scheduled Jobs

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