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The AR apply charges feature is how you apply scheduled charges to the owner's ledgers. You can even schedule the application of charges to automatically run every month! 

This guide will cover what to check before applying charges, how to apply charges, and how to automate your scheduled charges.


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Charges


2. Click Actions then Apply Charges


3. Enter the Post Date - The date the charges will post to the owners' ledger. 

4. Select the Scheduling frequency 

Schedule Accrues the charges and notifies to review and post the charges.

Automate Accrues and posts the charges without any further user interaction. 

5. Select the charges you want to post by clicking the toggle next to the charge name. 


To edit any information regarding the codes (like charge amount, charge assignment or charge frequency, etc.), click Edit Codes



12.  Once you've filled out the information, select Schedule or Automate on the top right corner


Where do I see my scheduled/automated jobs? 

View/Edit Scheduled Jobs

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