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Navigation in TOPS [ONE] is achievable in several different ways; in this guide, we will cover the navigation menu, the breadcrumb, and searching in TOPS [ONE].



Using the built-in search is a great way to find what you are looking for. It's a global search, meaning it searches through all communities. 

Search for things like:

  • Owner names
  • Email address
  • Communities
  • Transaction numbers
  • Check numbers
  • Actions like apply charges or enter bills


Navigation Menu:

The navigation menu allows you to quickly move to different sections in the software. 

Located on the left side of the page on full size displays commonly found on desktops and laptops. On mobile devices, it will appear in the top left of the page. 


Each section expands to reveal sub-choices for that grouping.

For Example

Click AR ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE and it expands to show options like AR Charges and AR Adjustments. 



The breadcrumb is located in the light blue line across the top, just below the search box.


For example, select AR Charges from the navigation menu and look at the breadcrumb. It will show which community and which AR page you are currently on.

The breadcrumb is interactive. You can click the arrow next to each section to quickly switch the community or page you are on.

For example, click the arrow next to the community name and you'll see you can quickly choose another community while staying on the same page.


Action button:

Located at the top right of the page is the Action button.

Click the action button to select from available actions based on the current page you're on. 

For example, while on the Owner page, the action menu allows us to: add a primary owner, add a previous owner, or add a renter.  

However, if you are on the AR Apply Charges page, the Actions available are: apply charges, late fee, etc. 


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