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The Activity Feed allows you to quickly and easily see any changes that have been made to any of your communities in one area. 

You’ll always know what’s been done for every owner, every property, every vendor.

Every activity can be expanded to allow you to view information on that transaction. 


How to Get There

When you log into TOPS [ONE], you will see the Activity Feed for all of the communities.

You can also go to a specific Community, Vendor, Owner, Bank page and the activity feed will be at the right side of their page. 




What can you do from the Activity Feed? 


Filter Activities by type

You can also filter the activities by clicking the icons next to the Date Range Icon



 Accounting Activities (All AR,AP, GL activities) 



 Management  Activities (Work orders, violations, violation fees, etc.) 

 Communications (Forms, Comments, Letters, etc.)


See item details on a specific activity.

To see the full item, click the underlined Transaction ID (in this case it's GL 63), you will be sent to the full page details. 



Remove/Undo transactions 

You can quickly and easily remove transactions from your Activity Feed. 

From your communities page, click the Action then Remove Transactions.

When you click Remove Transactions, you'll see an "X" next to each transaction

When you remove a transaction, this will permanently undo that action as well. 




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