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Edit User Info in TOPS [ONE]


TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/17/2018


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This guide will give you a Step-By-Step on how to edit the personal user information in TOPS [ONE]. 


Step By Step

1. Go to the user's page

Search their name in the search box - Look for User Name 

Click Admin > Users > Select the user 

2. This will open up the user page.


3. To make edits to the page, click the Action button on the top right, and click Edit User. 

4. You will be able to edit all the fields provided, and you'll be able to add a signature as well. 

 Easily deactivate a user by disabling the Active User toggle. 

User Role               Manually edit the User role 

Community List      Move the user to another, existing community list. 

(Normally, switching the user roles and community list would be done in the Admin Section) 


5. Click Save on the top right when you're finished. 

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