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Apply charges in TOPS [ONE]



The AR apply charges feature is how you apply scheduled charges to owner's ledgers. You can even schedule the application of charges to automatically run every month! 

This guide will cover what to check before applying charges, how to apply charges, and how to automate your scheduled charges.



1. Click AR ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (main menu)

2. Select AR Charges


3. Click Actions (top right of page)

4. Select Apply Charges


5. Review the  Community, Function, and Post Date


6. In the SETTINGS section, select which charges will be applied.

7. For the SCHEDULING section we will be choosing "This Time Only" for the purposes of this guide.

If you need to automate your charges, see our guide on automating charges.


After setting all the options:

8. Click Accrue accrue.PNG(top left of page).


That will take you to the APPLY CHARGES REVIEW ACCRUED page.


9. Review everything on this page.

If the accounting summary section is incorrect, click Actions and select Edit.

If an owner's charge amount is incorrect in the DETAILS section, you can remove the owner or edit the amount with the buttons next to each owner's line.

10. If everything is correct, click Post.


You're all done! Thank you for reading this guide.


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