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Owner Prepaid Application in TOPS [One]



Applying prepayments will take owners' prepaid amounts and apply them to owners' outstanding balances.

This guide will cover how to apply prepayments.


Step By Step


2. Select AR Charges.

3. Now you'll be on the Charges page. See the breadcrumb trail to verify.

4. Click Actions and select Prepaid.

5. Under the settings section, select which charge codes prepaid balances will be applied to.

6. Select the Post date.

This is the date the prepaid application will post to the owners' ledgers and the general ledger. 


7. After selecting the date and the codes, click Accrue.

8. Now you should be on the APPLIED PREPAIDS REVIEW ACCRUED page.

9. Review everything. 

If a change is needed, select Actions > Edit

You can edit: post date, GL accounts, owner prepaid application amounts.

You can also remove an owner altogether from the prepaid application.

Finally, it's time to post the prepaid application.

10. Click Post.


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