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TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/25/2018



TOPS [ONE] lets you set flags such as Hold Payment, Hold Delinquency Notice, Hold AR Statements, and more. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to set those flags, and what the flags mean. 


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then Communities 

2. Under Community click Properties 

3. Select the property to add the flag to. 

4. Once you select a property, click  Action then Edit Property

This will open up the Edit Property window.

5. To set flags, toggle the switch to enable or disable a flag


Hold Payment- Enable if you wish to be warned not to accept payments from this owner when entering owner cash receipts. This will also notify a bank, through the validation file, that payments should not be accepted. 

Hold Delinquency Notice- Enable this option if you do NOT want to send any further delinquency correspondence to this owner automatically from the TOPS Collection Action. The owners can still be able to be processed through collections. 

Hold AR Statement -Controls whether someone gets their statements (monthly, quarterly, annually, bi-annually). You can print individual statements.

Hold Late Fee/Interest - If enabled, this will prevent owners from being charged interest/late fees.

Direct Debit - If using TOPS Pay AutoPay, this toggle will automatically be turned on. If the property is using Direct Debit through another vendor, this flag can manually be turned on. 

Rental Property- Enable this flag is this is a rental property. 

Once you're finished with your changes, click Save on the top right of the screen. 

6. Once all the changes have been made, click Save

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