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How to email account history to an owner in TOPS [ONE]



Email an account history report to an owner in TOPS [ONE]; bring the facts to bear quickly and easily with a report to show the entire history of an owner or just a range, your choice!

Step By Step:

  • Ensure the Owner in question has a valid email address in the TOPS [ONE] system


  • Select the Reports area from the main navigation, click Standard reports


  • Select the report desired, i.e..Owners Balance Report, Aged Owner Balance..


  • Select the Owner in question, don't send the wrong owner a report on another owner.
  • Populate the email address of the recipient.
  • Click Schedule to process the report to be emailed to the specified Owner.



Pro Tip:

You can type the recipients email address into the field for the scheduled report, if it is not already entered into the system.


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