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This guide covers the steps needed to apply late fees in TOPS [ONE].

 Note: Late fee amounts or calculations must be set up in the Assessment Code.


Before You Start

We recommend applying prepaids before you: 

-Apply Late Fees

-Charge Interest

-Run Collections 

-Run Delinquency Reports

This will prevent owners from appearing on both the Aged Owner Balance report and the Prepaid Balance Report. 


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable then Charges

2. Select the Apply Late Fees then Take Action


3. The Function drop down will default to Apply Late Fee

4. Adjust Post Date as needed 

Your post date needs to fall within your current period 

5. Select the Codes by enabling or disabling the toggles

6. Set the Exclusion Period (optional) - The number of Days counted BACKWARDS from the Post Date creating the date range where charges will be EXCLUDED from the Late Fee calculation. The default value of zero (0) means there is NO Exclusion Period.

7. To charge late fee's on the current months' balance, enable the Current Month Only toggle

8. Once you've selected your settings, Click the Accrue accrue.PNG 


This page will show a summary of the charges, the account summary, and a list of the late fee candidates 

Edit the Late Fee amount that will be charged, click the Pencil  icon then click 


9. Verify all the information on the screen 

10. Then click Post 


Add Comment to Transaction

 1. Click Actions then Add Comment 



2. Enter the Comment Subject. 

3. Enter the Comment Post Date 

4. Enter the full Comment Message. 

5. Enable the Public Comment toggle to have this comment appear on the Owner Portal. 

6. Click Save. 

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