Enter a Handwritten Check

TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/25/2018



Sometimes, you've already written a check and handed it to the vendor.  This is handled within TOPS as a Handwritten Check, which enters both the invoice AND the check at once.  The following steps will demonstrate how to enter a handwritten check.



Step By Step 

 1. Click Accounts Payable then Enter Bills

This will open the Enter Bills page 


2. Enter the following information 


Type in the vendor name  


Select Hand Written


This Time Only, 

Schedule- Accrue and Notify Me

Schedule Jobs will appear at the bottom of the page if you select this option 


3. Fill out the information under the Details section

Bill Number

Reference- What the entry is for

Check Number


Bill Date The actual date the Bill was issued

Effective Date

Bill Distribution -Where the entry will hit your General Ledger accounts


4. When finished, click Post 


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