Entering Miscellaneous Cash Receipts

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A Miscellaneous cash receipt is used when you receive money not going towards a payment from a homeowner. Such as interest, vending machine income, laundry rooms, guest fees, donations, etc.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to add a Miscellaneous Cash receipt 


Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Receivable and select Cash Receipts.

2. Click Cash Receipts- Miscellaneous

3. Under Details, fill in the information regarding this payment.

Bank Account  This field will populate with the default bank account.

Check Number  Enter in the check number of the payment received.

Reference  Enter in the reason, or a reference point, for the payment.

Amount  Total amount of the payment.

Effective Date  This will be the date that the transaction will hit your GL accounts.


4. Under Distribution

5. Select the Account

6. Type in the Amount  

Is this check covering multiple receivables?

Click on the button 2018-07-25_13_36_02-Window.jpg to add an additional account and amount field.

Note: You only have to click on the + button 2018-07-25_13_36_02-Window.jpg when adding multiple If you only have one distribution account, do not click on the + button or you’ll get an error message. 

Tip: The Account Number and Amount fields should match the number of accounts the payment is applying to. (I.E. Assessment Receivables and Special Assessments Receivables will have 2 rows)

7. Finally, click Post.

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