Attach a Letter to a Violation

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The CC&R Codes let you define the violation action steps and the special letters for those steps so the system can handle violation follow-up. 

Once you've created your codes, you can easily attach letters to each violation action. 


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio then select Communities. Select the community you want to work on. 


2. On the bottom right, under Related Links, click Codes 

3. Find the code you want to work on, click Edit 

4. Under Violation Action Process select the  Icon to edit the information for your desired code category. 

5. Under Notice, click the drop-down menu, and select a letter in your template library.

When you've selected your letter, click Save 

The notice box will be grayed out with the template name

Click Save  on the top right corner when finished 

Verify your selection 

When finished, you will see SUCCESS! at the bottom left of the page. 




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