Using the Audit Trail report in TOPS [ONE]


The Audit Trail report in TOPS [ONE] gives the user up to date reporting on system changes, input and output coming in and going out of the system for a date range! Even deleted information can be seen!


How To Get There:

 Select the Community; select the Reports, Standard



Step By Step

 Scroll down to the Gl General Ledger area and select Audit Log


  • The top section of this area is to create a new Audit Log for a new date range (not already completed)
  • The Audit Log section below is a repository of the past Audit logs run or postings of the past
  • When you select the Apply button the results of that Audit log run is available to view or export




Pro Tip:

Remember! The date range used must fall within the current or past date range to be successful!

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