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How to create a Journal Entry in TOPS [ONE]



Creating a Journal Entry in TOPS [ONE]; input the credit and debit sides of your transactions to keep the books up to date and correctly balanced! 



1. Go to General Ledger and select GL Journal Entries.

2. Select Actions and click New Journal Entry.

3. Fill in following information in Details 

  • Date
    • Either type it in or use the calendar icon to select a date 
  • Reference
    • This is the easily identifiable name that will see on the activity feed for this transaction
  • Description 
    • Describe this entry 


4. In the Line Items field select the folder icon to add your first account for the transaction

  • simply click the correct account from the list.
  • Enter the amount in either the debit or credit field for the first account then press the to the right to add the next account.
  • Repeat for all remaining accounts in the transaction.
  • The Debit and Credit sides of the transaction have to show a 0 difference denoted by the Running Balance at the bottom of the transaction once this is done, press ADD at the top right of the page


  • Review the transaction for accuracy and make any changes before pressing ADD at the top right


  • Success you have posted your Journal Entry you will be taken to the entry afterwards


Pro Tip:

Remember: if the Debit and Credit sides do not amount to 0 in the Running Balance, the transaction will not process!


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