Create a Service Request


A service request is created for requests from residents that may or may not lead to a work order
being issued. It is a way to track a request until it has been resolved.

Sometimes, before a work order is issued, the property manager may need to go out to inspect the problem to determine whether a work order is required. Other times, a service request can be used to track a request, such as a copy of the community’s legal documents where no work order would ever be issued. It would just be a request for some action on the part of the staff by a resident, which can be tracked as a reminder until it is resolved, by some action on the part of the staff.

A service request can automatically be converted into a work order. That is why the fields on the
screen for a service request is very similar to a work order.


Step By Step 

1. Click Service Request and Select on Service Request Activity


2. Click +New Service Request


If you do not have the needed Service Request code, you will need to create it first before having it available to use.


3. Select a Create Date

4. Select a Code 

If the Work Order Code has the Description, Detailed Description and Special Instructions filled out, the fields will autofill with the predefined information. 

5. Edit the Code Description, Detailed Description, and Action to Take if needed. 

Describe the work that needs to be done. These will be your instructions to the person doing the job.

6. Once finished, click Save to finish, or Save & Add New to create a new service request


7. The Service Request can now be reviewed and, if approved, promoted to a Work Order


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