Create a Work Order

TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/26/2018



Creating a new Work Order in TOPS [ONE] is the first step towards getting the needed repairs and improvements to any Community done quickly and easily!


Step By Step 

1. Click Work Orders then select Work Order Tickets

2. Click Actions then New Work Order 


3. Verify the Community or the property. 

Note: The Work Orders automatically assign to the community you're in.  To change the community or the Property, click the and search the property or community. 


4. (Optional) Search for an Amenity 

5. Set the Function to Work Order 

6. Select a Code & Edit the Work Order settings if necessary.

Note: If the code you select already has the description and the special instructions predefined, it will automatically populate with that information. 

7. (Optional) Add an Attachment in the Attachment Gallery 


8. Click Save, when completed. 


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