Create a New CCR Code

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CCR Overview



CC&R Codes are how you can set up the different types of violation. Each code has its own violation action process, income account, and general description.

For example, Trashcan violations, and tall grass violations. 

This guide will go over how to create a new code and different violation action processes.


Step By Step


1. Click Portfolio then Communities 

2. Select the Community  

3. Scroll down to the bottom and look for Codes on the bottom right 

4. Click Action then Add Code

5. By default, the Code Type will be CCR Code 

6. Fill in the information under Code Alias and Name

Code(Alias)- Abbreviation for the code 

Detail Description- Short description of the violation 


Action Needed to Resolve- What the owners will do to resolve this action. 

CCR Article- You can enter the full details, like contact information for this violation. 


Linked Accounts- You can click the folder icon for a list of all the accounts you have, you can click the account from there

Income Account 

Receivable Account 

 If you do not know which accounts to pick, reach out to your CPA. 


7. Fill out the information needed in Violation Action Process  

Action Level- Name of 

Days From

Admin Fee

Notice - Click the drop-down menu, and select a letter in your template library.

8. Click 

9. Click 


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