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This guide will give you Step-By-Step instructions on how to set up a custom role, and how to assign permissions on the role on TOPS [ONE].

For written instructions, scroll down past the video. 


Step By Step (Video) 


Step By Step (Written) 


Create a new Role

1.Click Admin 

2. Find the Roles section on the right-hand side, under users

3. Click Manage

4. Under Roles, type in the new role name, then click Add Role 

Once successfully added, you'll see  at the bottom left. 



To change the permissions for that role

1. Click Manage 

2. Click Permissions next to the role you want to edit. 

3. Manage Role will open. Here, you will be able to set permissions for each of these specific areas. 

4. Click which Section you want to make edits to

If you want to make edits to the AP Permissions, click AP and you'll be able to see the available permissions for that section

The same thing goes for AR, Bank, Community, etc.

To the right of the section, you'll see a row of boxes

If the box is highlighted Blue, that permission is Enabled.

If the box is White, that permission is Disabled

The All option will select/deselect all the permissions on a specific line

The icon will give you info on what permissions are needed for a specific section 

Permissions available





5. Make the appropriate changes to each module 

6. After you finish changing the permissions, click Save on the top right corner. 



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