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Adjusting an Owner Prepaid Beginning Balance Entry in TOPS [ONE]

An owner prepaid balance is normally created when an owner pays in advance of a future charge.
Adjustment to the owner prepayment balance resulting from a cash receipt should begin by reviewing
the cash receipt entry.

How To Get There:

Accounts Receivable; Prepaid Adjustment option or via an import file when adding owner beginning balance to a new community.
Adjusting an owner prepaid beginning balance; if the transaction was added manually or via the import
feature, is performed using the procedure described below.
Step By Step:
From the Main Navigation menu
  • Select Accounts Receivable


  • Select Adjustments


  • Select Prepaid Adjustment
  • Select the Owner
  • Change post date if needed
  • Enter the adjustment amount in the Adjustment Column. The Prepaid Adjustment amount can be added as a negative (-250) amount to reduce an existing prepaid balance or a positive (250) amount to increase the prepaid balance.
When completed, select Accrue.

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