Owner Communications Preferences Report


This report shows a listing of owner communication preferences. It displays the mailing addresses, as well as the phone number and email address. You can also filter the report by owner type.

This guide will explain how to view, print, and export a Owner Communications Preferences report. This guide will also give you instructions on how to schedule the report to be emailed to a recipient automatically. 


How to View/Export

Starting from the main menu:

Click Reports and select Standard.


Find the Portfolio section.

Click Owner Communications Preferences.
  • Edit the Sort, Owner Types , and Export Format if needed.
    • Options  Will hide the changeable settings for the reports. 
    • Schedule - Will let you email reports at a scheduled time, or as a one-time email. 
    • Sort - Arrange the report by your preference 
    • Owner Types - Filter which owner type are displayed.
    • Export Format - Select the format to download the report to. 

If you made any changes, click  to see the changes in the balance sheet on screen or before exporting.

Once you're finished, click 

This will download the exported report to your default download folder.


 How to schedule a report

 Click  Schedule. This will display the scheduling options.

  • Schedule -Will let you email reports at a scheduled time, or as a one-time email. 

    • Frequency- How often you want the reports to automatically be sent. (Once, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
    • Permitted Days-pick which day you want the reports to run, if you don't want the report to run on a specific day, unselect those days.
    • Start Date- Select the day you want to start the scheduled reports
    • End Date- Select the date you want the scheduled reports to end. 
    • End Time- Select the time you want the reports to stop running. 
    • Recipient- Type in the email where you want the reports sent

 Click Schedule at the bottom of the screen to save the scheduling process 

you can go to Automation to see this scheduled job




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