Owners Summary Report in TOPS [ONE]


This report shows a listing of Owners and their property addresses, account/lot numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses. Filterable by owner type.

This guide will explain how to view, print, and export a Owners Summary report. This guide will also give you instructions on how to schedule the report to be emailed to a recipient automatically. 


 How to View/Export

  • Starting from the main menu:

    Click Reports and select Standard


  • Click Owners Summary Report 
  • Edit the Sort, Owner Types , and Export Format if needed.
    • Options - Hides the editable report options
    • Schedule - Email reports on a schedule, or as a one-time email.
    • SortSelect an option to arrange the report by your preference
    • Owner Types - Filter which owner type are displayed.
    • Export Format-Select the export format: PDF, Excel, or Word.
  • If you made any changes, click  to see the changes in the balance sheet on screen or before exporting.
  • Once you're finished, click 
    • This will download the exported report to your default download folder.


 How to schedule a report

  •  Click the  icon 


  • Schedule -Will let you email reports at a scheduled time, or as a one-time email. 

    • Job Name - Name that can easily identify the job
    • Frequency- How often you want the reports to automatically be sent. (Once, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
    • Permitted Days-pick which day you want the reports to run, if you don't want the report to run on a specific day, unselect those days.
    • Start Date- Select the day you want to start the scheduled reports
    • End Date- Select the date you want the scheduled reports to end. 
    • End Time- Select the time you want the reports to stop running. 
    • Recipient- Type in the email where you want the reports sent
  • Click Schedule at the bottom of the screen
    • you can go to Automation to see this scheduled job


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