Converting Form Letter to TOPS [ONE] Template

TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/26/2018


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This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use the TOPS Merge Code Manager Add-in to convert a form letter to work on TOPS [ONE]. 


Before getting started, you must have this already installed

  • TOPS Merge Code Manager -Add in on Word 2013/2016
  • Word 2013 or later 


Step By Step

1. Open the old Form Letter 

2. Copy the whole document to a new word document

CTRL+A  To select the whole document

CTRL+C  To Copy the highlighted text

CTRL+V to Paste the copied text 

3. Once you've copied the form letter to  a new document, go to your Add-ins and activate TOPS Merge Code Manager

4. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon

5. Click My Add-ins

If it's already installed, it will show up in MY ADD-INS 

6. Click TOPS, then click Add at the bottom right of the window.

7. Once you see TOPS Merge Code Manager on the right side, you're ready to start converting! 

8. In the Merge Code Manager section, Select the Template Type 

  • In this case, click Letter 

9. Select a Category 

  • It's best to select All to make sure you don't miss any codes. 




***This is where it can get a little tricky!!! Use the screenshots as a reference!!***



The item highlighted is a code. 

It is crucial to select the entire line, as shown, when editing your template. 

(Move your mouse to the beginning of the line, click and drag the cursor to the end of the code) 

It will change from a light gray, to a darker shade when it's been selected. 



To replace the old merge codes with the new one

1. Highlight the code you want to replace

2. Notate which code you're replacing. 

3. In the Merge Code Section, scroll through the list for the Merge code you want to add. Then select it. This will replace the original highlighted code. 

  • Example: If the code you're removing says- «COMMUNITY REPORT NAME», Look for Community Report Name on the Merge Codes

If the codes look like this, move your cursor between the codes, and click enter. This will separate the codes.

4. Do this with all of the codes in the template. 

5. Once you've finished replacing the codes, Save the template 

  • Suggestion: Save the doc name as something related to the template to easily find it later



NOTE: There is no "Today's Date" Merge code. In order for the template to work on TOPS [ONE], you will need to remove that code. 

You can add the date to your template by: 

1. Clicking Insert on the Ribbon tab on Word 

2. Select Date & Time 

3. Select the Date and Time Format, then click the box next to Update Automatically 



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