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Owners - New Ways to Filter


Feature update: 09-26-17


There are new ways to filter owners. This guide lists the new filter options available on the Owner page.


How to get there

Under Portfolio, select Owners


View the filters by selecting Additional Filters in the upper right-hand corner beneath the actions menu:


Filter Options:

  • Owner Balance (range) - Enter a minimum and/or maximum balance range:
  • Owner Types - Defaults to all selected. Choose the resident type you wish to filter by:

  • Keyword - Filter by street name. Additionally, look ups owners based on Last Name, Account Number, and Lot Number:

  • Management Items - Filter by those who have an open Violation, Service Request, or Work Order:

  • Active Offsite Address - Filter by owners who have a primary mailing address that is not the same as the property address:

  • Show Deleted Owners - Shows any owners that have been removed:


After you make any changes, make sure to click Apply to view the results. 

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