Add TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager add-in to Word 2013/2016

TOPS [ONE] Version



Enable the power of Word to manage your TOPS [ONE]. This add-in will help you add merge codes to your templates.

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how to add the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Add-in to Word 2013/2016 and 365.


Note: You must link your Microsoft Account to Office before adding any add-ins. 

To verify, click File then go to Account. If you see your email, you're good to go. If not, your IT department will need to add your Microsoft Account to your Office Suites. 


Step By Step

1. Open a new Word Document and go to the Insert Tab on the ribbon



2. Click the Get Add-ins 



3. In the search box, type in TOPS Merge Code Manager then click Add




To enable the Add-In

Microsoft Word will typically automatically enable the add-in. However, in the case that it does not, you can follow these instructions.


1. Click the Insert tab on the ribbon 

2. Click My Add-ins

3. Select TOPS Merge Code Manager, then select Add at the bottom. 



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