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Form Letters are letter templates that use merge codes to insert owner information into
the letter resulting in a letter that looks like it was individually typed. In addition to the
owner name and address, there are merge codes for virtually ALL the data being tracked
for an owner including their current account balance. There are also merge codes for
community info and the management company, where applicable. Letters can either be
printed and sent to owners or emailed directly to owners as email attachments.


Step By Step

  1. Open a New Word document 
  2. Enable TOPS Merge Code Manager 
  3. This will open the TOPS [ONE] Merge Code Manager
  4. Select the Template Type and Categories

Template Type

CCR Letter



Owner Access Registration



 Each Template Type will have its own categories which break down the merge codes for that type.


 To make them more manageable so you can easily find the Merge Code you want to insert into a form letter, use the down browse arrow to open up the
Merge Code Categories. To see all of the codes, click All

     5. You can start off by adding the Community Name merge code to the template. 

Note: The merge code will be inserted where ever the cursor is. 

6. To add a Merge Code, search the list for the one you're trying to add.

In this case, we're going to look for Community Name

By selecting a Merge Code, you'll see the code get added to the document

Example: «CommunityDisplayName»

7. Continue adding other codes, like Owner Name and mailing address


8. Continue to type your letter, and enter the merge codes as you go along. 

9. Once you're finished with your template, it should look something like: 

10. When the letter is sent out, it will look like this: 

11. Click File then Save As

Best Practice: When saving your templates, use a naming convention to easily identify any templates that are specific to only one community, as the templates are a global feature, meaning they are available to all communities. Using naming conventions will also help organize your templates in the template library.  

To distinguish a letter that will only be used for one community specifically, try including the community id before the name you assign

Example: MTT_1stNotice_Courtesy.docx


Example: If you have 1st Notice Letters for multiple communities, you can do:





Using proper naming conventions, you can avoid your templates being unorganized like  



To Upload your Template

1. At the bottom of the navigation menu, Click Admin

2. On the bottom right side of the page, look for Related Links and click Template Library

3. Click Action then Add Template 

4. Fill in the information requested 

If you're editing a template that's already uploaded, keep the same file name so it can replace the existing template. 

Template Type 

CCR Letter- Available in the CCR action table when selecting letters for violation steps 

Check- Available when printing AP checks for vendors.

Letter- Available when using the Send Message feature, and when setting letters for the collection module. 

Statement- Available when printing in-house statements using the AR Invoices & Statements feature. 

Template Delivery Type

Selecting Email only respect the owners' communication Preference 

Selecting any other combination will only generate those documents as a pdf. 

Owner Delivery Preference setting - Print or Email

5. Click Select File then choose the template 

6. Click Upload File 

7. Once the file is uploaded, it will show up on your Template Library 


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