Assigning Recurring Charges to Properties

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This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to assign a charge code to all owners or to select owners. We will also show you how to verify the action.


Step By Step 

1. In the navigation menu, click Portfolio and select Communities. Select the community to work in.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Related Links section

3. Click Codes 

4. Click Assign next to the code to assign owners to. 


5. Assign the codes 

Note: Verify the fiscal year on the top right before you start. 

A) To assign a single code to all owners 

1) Select a Charge Code 

2) Click the toggle next to the word Owner, this will select all of the owners listed on that page

Note: If there are multiple pages, make sure each page was assigned by clicking each page. If they are not assigned, repeat this process. 

3) Click Assign 

4) Click Save


B) To assign a code to a specific owner

1) Click the Checkbox next to the owner you want to add a code to.

2) Select a code 

3) Click Assign 

4) Click Save 


To verify, go to the property page, and the codes will be under Recurring Charges.





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