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This will give you a step by step guide how to create a Board Access role and how to set permissions to that role.

Most of the Board Members needs will be met with having access to reporting. But per the needs of your communities, change the permissions as needed.

Before you can set up the permissions for a Board Member, you will need to have added them as a user, and created their role. Click the articles above for instructions on how to do so.

This guide will give you some settings to use for a Board Member. 


Note: Vendors and banks are global, so if a board member has permission to see a vendor for a community, they can see all the vendors.


Step By Step


Adding a new Role

1. From the Admin icon on the main Navigation menu


2. Scroll down in the activity area to the Roles section

3. Click Manage


4. In the text box, type in Board Access then click Add Role 


You will see a confirmation at the bottom left of the screen




Set Permissions to a Role 

1. Click Permissions 

2. This section will be separated by modules

3. Clicking on the module will expand and show all the available permissions.

Each section will have these permissions

Blue color indicates the permission is granted, clear or grey is no permission granted.

Each permission area will have the same allowance for the permissions





All (selecting this will disallow (remove) all access to this area!)

 will populate information about that function and the needed permissions to complete basic tasks in that area.

4. Go through each Module and edit the permissions to your preference.

5. Once completed; click the Save button



Sample Permission Settings 

Click the PDF below to see some same permissions for a Board Member.

Adjust the permissions as needed

Sample Board Access Role- Permission Settings.docx


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