System Recommendations for TOPS [ONE]

TOPS [ONE] Security & Requirements

As a web-based product, TOPS [ONE] has a significantly lower requirement set than stand-alone software. However, there are some best practices that we recommend to ensure that your experience using TOPS [ONE] is optimal:

What Browser Should I Use?

TOPS [ONE] works best with a modern Webkit based browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari or Opera. For best results, we recommend Google Chrome.

What Version of Microsoft Office works with [ONE]?

Letter templates in TOPS [ONE] are created in Microsoft Word. While you can easily print letters in TOPS [ONE] from existing templates on a system that does not have MS Office installed, you will need Word to create and edit the templates. The template manager takes advantage of an Office Add-in, so you will need at least Office 2013 or Office 365.

Are there any Recommended Devices?

As a web-based platform, TOPS [ONE] works with any modern device including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and Microsoft Surface. It will also work on your Desktop or Laptop computer with a modern operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux or Chromium. Regardless of the device you use, we recommend you have ample free space and a high-speed Internet connection to ensure best results.


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