Upload a Statement Template

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The template library exists to store all of the templates that you'll be using for all of your communities. For Example, the following steps will show you how to add a Statement Template to the template library.


  • Click Admin.
  • Scroll down until you see Related Links. Click Template Library.
  • Click Actions and select Add Template.
  • Click the Template Type: drop-down menu and select Statement.
  • Under Description: fill in a fitting description for this letter.
    • This field must be filled out in order to proceed.
  • Under Template Delivery Type: The selected value will be highlighted in blue; Click Email and/or Certified Mail respectively. 
    • Email will allow this letter to be emailed.
    • Certified Mail will tag the communication as “Certified Mail” in the activity feed.
      • Certified Mail doesn’t need to be selected in order to print letters.
  • Is Default Template:
    • When selected, it will enable this template to be the default Check or Statement respectively.
  • Under Upload File: click Select files…
    • You’ll need to locate the Word document that you want to upload and click Open.
  • Finally, click on Upload Files.


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