Download an existing template from your TOPS [ONE]


TOPS [ONE] Version


The template library stores templates for checks, statements, and letters. You can add, download, and delete templates from this library. 

This article will go over how to download a template from your TOPS [ONE]. 


Step By Step 

Click Admin 

2. Scroll down until you see Related Links on the right side of the page. 

3. Click Template Library.

4. Click the Magnifying Glass 

5. Select  Template Type. Select the appropriate type.

Letter – Standard letter used for general mailings or individual letters.

CCR Letter – Violation letters.

Check – Check templates for printing checks.

Owner Access Registration – Registration letters for Owner Access.

Statement – Statement templates used when sending invoices or statements.

6. Click Search 

7. Click the    icon next to the template you want to download



The article will now be in your designated Downloads folder. 

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