Add an general ledger account range in TOPS [One] GL

TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-08-2017

General ledger account ranges categorize your accounts into categories. For example: Assets, Liability, Equity, Income, Expense, etc. The following steps guide you through adding an range of accounts to a community's chart of accounts.

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  • Click on GL General Ledger GL_General_Ledger_Menu.png
  • Select GL Chart of Accounts GL_Chart_of_accounts.png
  • Click on Actions Actions.png
  • Select Account Ranges.
  • Next to the account ranges you will see a green buttonAdd_New.png. Click it to add a range directly below the range the button is on.
    • Fill in the appropriate information 
      • Range Name – Fill in the Name of the new Account Range
      • Account Type – Select the appropriate account type.
      • Starting Account Number – With the exception of the first account range, this field will auto populate with next sequential number bases on the previous range’s ending account number.
      • Ending Account Number – Fill in the ending account number. The ending account number will automatically change the next range’s starting account number respectively.
  • Finally, click Save to save your 

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