Add a general ledger account in TOPS [ONE] GL

TOPS [ONE] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-08-2017

A general ledger account is an account used to sort and store balance sheet and income expense statement transactions. The follow steps will demonstrate how to add a general ledger account to a communities' chart of accounts.

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  • Click on GL General Ledger GL_General_Ledger_Menu.png
  • select GL Chart of Accounts GL_Chart_of_accounts.png
  • Click on Actions  Actions.png and select Edit.
  • In Add Account section, fill in Acct # and Name.
    • Acct # - The account number must be unique.
      • Ensure the number you choose is in the appropriate range of accounts.
    • Name – Fill in the Name of the GL account.
  • Finally, click on the +Add button Add_Button.png
    • You can add multiple accounts this way. Just type in another Acct # and Name and click Add.
  • When you are done adding accounts, click the Save button. save.png

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