Invoice adjustments in TOPS [One] AP accounts payable

TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated on 5-10-2017

Sometimes, you may enter an invoice incorrectly, and need to cancel it. Or you have already issued a handwritten check, and just wish to mark that invoice as paid.  The following steps will take you through that process.

  • Click on AP Accounts Payable, and then click AP Activity.
  • At the top right, click Actions, and then click Adjustment.
  • In the SETTINGS box down below, select the invoice from the dropdown that you wish to adjust.
  • Select the radio button that correlates with the action you wish to take
    • Cancel Open Item will cancel the invoice and reverse it completely.
    • Mark as Paid will post a check without printing.
  • Once you have selected your option, click Post at the top right

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