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Enter a handwritten check in TOPS [One] AP accounts payable


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, Last updated as of 05-10-2017

Sometimes, you've already written a check and handed it to the vendor.  This is handled within TOPS as a Handwritten Check, which enters both the invoice AND the check at once.  The following steps will demonstrate how to enter a handwritten check.


  • Click on AP Accounts Payable, and then click AP Enter Bills.
  • Select your VENDOR
  • Under TYPE, select Hand Written.
  • Enter in the details of the check in the DETAILS field below
    • Details include Bill NumberReference (What the check is for), Check NumberBankBill DateEffective Date, and Due Date.
  • Once you have entered all of the DETAILS, you will need to distribute the bill to a G/L account(s) in the BILL DISTRIBUTION field.
  • You may also attach an image (Most people use this feature to include a scanned image of the handwritten check) in the ATTACHMENT GALLERY down at the bottom.
  • Click Post at the top right.


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