Post journal entries in TOPS [One] GL general ledger

TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-18-2017

The following steps will walk you through entering Journal Entries. 


  • Go to General Ledger and select GL Journal Entries .
  • Go to Actions and select New Journal Entry.
  • Select date using the Calendar button to the right of the date field
  • Enter a Reference for this transaction 
    • This is the easily identifiable name everyone will see on the activity feed for this transaction
  • Enter a Description for this transaction
  • In the Line Items field select the folder icon to add your first account for the transaction
    • simply click the correct account from the list.
    • Enter the amount in either the debit or credit field for the first account then press the to the right to add the next account.
    • Repeat for all remaining accounts in the transaction.
  • The Debit and Credit sides of the transaction have to show a 0 difference denoted by the Running Balance at the bottom of the transaction once this is done, press ADD at the top right of the page
  • Review the transaction for accuracy and make any changes before pressing Post at the top right
  • Success you have posted your Journal Entry you will be taken to the entry afterwards

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