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Recurring general ledger journal entry steps in TOPS [One] GL


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-18-2017

The following steps will walk you through entering Recurring Journal Entries. These steps would be used for entering transactions that affect the general ledger on a regular basis. 


  • Click General Ledger and select GL Journal Entries .
  • Click Actions and select New Journal Entry.
    • Fill in the appropriate fields for your journal entry like normal
  • Under the Scheduling drop down select the level of automation
    • defaults to this time only
    • accrue and notify will not post but send you an email that the entry is ready to post on schedule
    • automate will post the transaction automatically on schedule.
  • A new menu appears at the bottom to select the Frequency, Permitted Days, the Start Date and end dates, and lastly Start and end time
    • These options will configure the schedule for this job 
  • Finally press the Automate button to setup the job 
    • The next screen shows all active jobs with a brief description


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