Add a general ledger account to the chart of accounts in TOPS [One] GL

TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-18-2017

The following steps will walk you through the set up of GL Accounts via Chart of Accounts.


  • Go to General Ledger and select GL Chart Of Accounts.
  • Go to Actions and select Edit.
  • Under ADD ACCOUNT add the account number and a name so the account is easily identifiable.
  • Press the +ADD button to the right to add the new account.
    • Click the small x next to the account balance located on the right of the page.
    • You can only delete accounts with no history.
    • If you need to delete the newly added account or any other for that matter
  • Below this you have your accounts where numbers and descriptions of existing accounts can be edited.
      • If you change the number such that it falls into a new range it will now belong to that range of accounts.
      • These changes take affect retroactively and immediately after saving.
  • Finally after all account are setup and verified to be within the correct range of accounts you may press save.

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