Back out an owner payment in TOPS [One] AR accounts receivable

TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-23-2017

The Cash Receipts function gives you the ability to track payments that owners make. The following steps will walk you through backing out a payment.


  • Click AR Accounts Receivable and select AR Cash Receipts.
  • Click Actions and select Backout Payment.
  • Under Property/Owner search for the property or the owner respectively.
  • Under Post Date select the date you want the backout to show on the owner’s account.
  • Under Current Batch click on the radio button (AR_Radio_Button.png) on the check you want to back out.
    • Date – This reflects the date of the payment made.
    • Check – This is the check number of the owner’s payment.
    • Type -
    • Amount - Confirm the amount of the payment
    • NSF Fee – Under NSF Fee click on the radio button (AR_Radio_Button.png) to determine if you want include an NSF Fee respectively.
  • Click on Accrue (AR_Accrue.png).
  • Under Current Batch, click anywhere on the row to select the payment.
  • Click on Post (AR_Post.png).

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