Add a charge to an owner ledger in TOPS [ONE] AR accounts receivable

TOPS [ONE] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-23-2017

The Adjustment function gives you the ability manage an owner’s account balance. The following steps will walk you through adding a charge.

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  • Click AR Accounts Receivable and select AR Adjustments.
  • Click Actions and select Adjustments.
  • Under Owner, search for the owner you’re adding a charge to.
  • Under Post Date, select the date you want to post the transaction to.
  • Under Adjustments, confirm that Make Adjustment has Add Charge selected.
    • In the Table below, you’ll see all existing charges on the owner account.
      • Code – This field will show the Code Alias of the Code.
      • Name – This field will display the name of the Code Name of the Code.
      • Description – This field will pull from the Code Descriptions of the Code.
      • Current Balance – This field will preview the charges before this transaction.
      • Adjustment – Type in the amount you want to add to an existing charge
      • Total – The total field will calculate the sum of the current balance and the adjustment.
    • If you need to add a charge:
      • Click on the code selection box (AR_Code_Selection.png).
      • Select the code you want to add.
        • Follow the steps above.
      • Click on Accrue (AR_Accrue.png).
      • Finally, click on Actions and select Post Transaction.

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