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How to email or print a message to an Owner in TOPS [ONE]




The Send Letter option has been replaced with Send Message which has the following features:

  • Generate form letters and emails for owners
  • Email Vendors
  • Detailed summary of the message batch. This can be emailed to a third-party and is viewable in-app
  • Attach external files to emails
  • Preview Template before sending
  • Save message batch and return at a later date to finish




The Send Message option can be found in a couple places.


Main Menu

  1. Select Portfolio and then Owners:

  2. Click the + button on the owner cards:
  3. Under the Actions menu, select Send Message (X):

Primary Owner Profile

  1. Navigate to a primary owner's profile page
  2. Under the Actions menu, select Send Message (this will load the page with the designated owner):



Using the Send Message Feature


After selecting owners, you will be directed to the Message Batch screen. From here users perform several actions including:

  • Change delivery method
  • Save the message batch for future editing
  • Remove message batch entirely
  • Add Attachments
  • Add additional recipients (owners, vendors, and external email addresses)
  • Add recipients to the batch Summary
  • Set the From and Reply-To options
  • Assign a template. Templates can only be assigned for Print and Smart delivery methods
  • Preview a template using the data from the first recipient in the list
  • Enter Subject and Message Body


Delivery Method, Removing Messages, and Attachments


There are three delivery methods: Smart, Print, and Email



  • All message batches default to Smart. Smart will choose the delivery method preference now set on the owner's profile
  • A template is required for smart batches
  • Templates marked as 'Certified Mail' will not generate emails even if the delivery method preference is set to email
  • Recipients with a delivery method of Print will not receive attachments
  • The delivery method of the recipient is indicated with an Envelope icon for email, and no icon for print. Additionally, hovering over a recipient will reveal Print or the recipients' email address:


  • Print will override the owner's delivery method so that no emails are sent
  • A template is required for smart batches
  • There is no Message Body for a print batch
  • Summaries are still emailed


  • Email will override the owner's delivery method even if it has been set to Print
  • Templates are optional
  • Templates marked as 'Certified Mail' will not generate emails and create a print batch instead

Remove Message will remove the batch from the app, even if it has already been saved

Attachments can be added by clicking the button with the paperclip icon


Adding Recipients, Setting From and Reply To, and Preview Template


Adding Recipients 

After selecting the initial owners for the message batch, additional recipients can be added to the To and Summary fields. External emails can be added to the Summary field:




From and Reply To

Under the From the drop-down, you can select who the email is coming from, and where replies are directed to (Note: All emails are still sent through topssoft domain via noreply@topssoft.com):


Preview Template 

Clicking the Preview Template button to the right of the template drop-down will generate a PDF using the template selected and the first recipient in the list. This is a temporary file that will not post, send, or otherwise attach itself to anything. It is for preview purposes only. Any edits need to occur on the template document itself and be re-uploaded to the template library


Message Review Page

The Message Review page will show the following data:

  • Total number of recipients, broken out by Print and Email respectively
  • From, Reply To, Subject, and Message Body (when applicable)
  • List of individual recipients with their name, address, delivery method and a link to any form letters generated
  • List of summary recipients


While any form letters are being processed, the word Processing will appear in the upper-right corner. Clicking the refresh button will refresh the individual recipient's document status. Once all documents have been generated, a Print All button will appear. This button will generate a single PDF of those document sent via Print:


Saved and Posted Message Batches can be viewed in the community activity feed with an incomplete and posted status, respectively:


Emails and Summaries

All form letters and attachments can be accessed via the Download Attachment button in the emails. All downloads are in a .ZIP file. Summaries receive a copy of all attachments and a copy of each document generated for the batch





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  • 0
    Tina Bennett

    It looks like there should be pictures on this information but nothing is coming through.

  • 0
    Alexander Patterson


    Try using Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Here is a download link for Chrome. https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html

    I created ticket #10434, someone will follow up with you.

  • 0
    Tina Bennett

    I opened in Chrome but still can't see pictures. Also, is there a way to print this info or do I just need to copy and move to Word? It would be nice to have an option to print from the blog. I don't remember anyone following up with me on this but I've been out of the office a lot lately.

  • 0
    Alexander Patterson


    You can print the web page to your printer or PDF. "Ctrl P"

    I've updated the support ticket# 10434. Someone will reach out to assist.

  • 0
    gene claseman

    There doesn't seem to be a way to filter only owners with email addresses. This becomes cumbersome when you manage a property with a significant amount of people without an email but still need to communicate with those that do. For instance to send an emergency broadcast out currently have to manually delete 93 owners before the system allows the message is sent. Unless I'm missing something here.... This is not good at all.

  • 0
    Teri Perez


    Thank you for sharing this feedback. This is actually something we are aware of at this time. We are working on getting an update to this functionality that will address this problem.

    Keep checking the release notes when we release an update - when this is addressed, we'll include that information in the release notes.

    I created a ticket for you so we can make sure we reach out to you when this is addressed as well.

  • 0
    Tina Bennett

    Pictures are still not showing up in the sending email directions (in Chrome). Also, what is the status about emails that have been sent to owners showing up under their owner's profile instead of the just the community?