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Work order entry in TOPS [One]


TOPS [One] Version, Revision 0, last updated 05-31-2017

The following steps will walk you through entering Work Orders. These steps would be used for entering an order for some community project or any type of owner job ect.


  • Click Work Orders and select Work Order Tickets .
  • Click Actions and select New Work Order.
    • Fill in the Create Date and select your Scheduling preference
  • Settings 
    • From the Select Code drop down, select your code
    • Code Description, Detail Description, and Special Instructions should populate from your predefined codes.
  • Select your target date from the calendar 
    • Select assigned vendor from the Issued to search box
  • Enter the persons name that approved the order in the Approved by field.
    • This doesn't have to be you
  • If you have any copies of the work order scanned in you may upload it and attach to this order using the Select Files... button.
  • Finally you can press the Add button in the top right corner
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