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The Support Tool allows you to quickly find and receive help. It provides you with knowledge articles crafted to alleviate common roadblocks. Then you have the ability to submit your question and receive personalized assistance from an award-wining team of support professionals. 


Start Here

At the bottom left of the page click the button that says "Support." (If you are on a mobile device, it may simply appear as a question mark.)

supportkb.png or support_tool_question_mark.png


Searching for Answers


First, search relevant keywords related to your problem. It will return suggested articles based on your search terms (click view more to see all search results). If you see an article that might help you, click on it, and it will open up right in the support tool. If you want to view it larger, or print it, or comment on it, click view original articleview_original_article.png

For example, if you search for "apply charges", it returns the results:



Contacting Support Team

If you can't find what you need, it's time to contact Support. Click Contact Us. A web form will open. Select the type of ticket you'd want to open. 

Click here for more information on the Ticket forms. Using the Support Ticket Form

Enter your name, email address, and Client ID. Pay close attention and ensure the email address is correct, as this is how we will initiate our response. 



Describe the problem - (How can we help you?)


Make sure to include all relevant details. Help us help you. The more information we have about the problem, the faster we can help find a solution. (Make sure to continue on and read the attachments section below) 

Include things like: 

  • Community Name
  • Dollar amount of a transaction
  • Dates
  • GL account #s
  • Owner name
  • Property address or account #
  • Template name
  • Vendor Name



Adding an attachment is vitally important. It will improve the speed and quality of the support you receive. Attach screenshots or misc. attachments.


We highly recommend attaching a screenshot. Whatever the problem is, if you can see it, then take a screenshot and attach it to the case.

How to take Screenshot (links opens in a new tab)

How to take a screenshot (Windows)

How to take a screenshot (Mac)

How to take a screenshot (iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod)

How to take a screenshot (Android): Search google for your device's name and "screenshot". 


Things to take a screen shot of:

  • Errors
  • Broken buttons or links
  • Reports- (the part that is incorrect)
  • The page where the problem occurs
  • ANYTHING you think is related or helpful

How to add Screenshot to support request.

Once you've saved your screenshot, it's time to add it to your support request.

You can drag and drop the file onto the attachment area. Alternatively, click the attachments area and it will open a dialog box where you can select the screenshot file from your computer.



Include other attachments

There are other attachments that can be useful. For example: if you print a check and it is misaligned on the check stock and you need assistance adjusting it, scan the printed check to create a PDF and attach that PDF to the support request. 

You can attach things like:

  • Reports
  • Checks
  • Letters

Wrapping Up

Start by searching to find the solution to your problem. The articles are well-crafted and are ever-growing. If you don't find a resolution, click Contact Us. Fill out the web form. Add attachments/screenshots. Look over the form again and ensure it complete. Double check the email address and client ID are correct. Re-read your description of the problem for clarity and add in any other specifics you can think of. 

Finally, click Send. We will review your request and contact you via email.





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