AR Setup - Importing Owner Charges in TOPS [ONE]


The Import Owner Charges function in TOPS [ONE] allows the mass import of charges to a community. This can be extremely useful if there is a variable charge like a utility that is spilt amongst the owners, or a fee that has a variable amount for each property.



1. Click Accounts Receivable then Charges

2. Click Actions and select Import Owner Charges.


A new window will open.


3. Choose Download a Sample to generate the excel file for the selected community.

This excel file will be called OwnerCharges.csv, contains all the owners for the community and is in the format required for a successful import.



Using the Sample File 

The Charge Code column is used to enter the charge’s Code, i.e A1 and the Amount column will be how much is added to the owner’s accounts.


The Charge Code is a required field and the import will fail if it does not match a Code that exists in the community. If the import fails a notification will generate and you will be able to download the list of error that prevented the import.

A completed import file would look like the following, with Codes and Amounts filled in for (even if the amount is 0)

Once all the Charges have been entered into the .csv file choose your Post Date and click Select Files… and choose the completed .csv to be imported


You will revieve a sucees notification after the import is succesful

The Imported Charges transaction can now be reviewed in the Community’s Accounts Receivable Charges activity feed. You will be able to see the Accounting, Transaction and Charge Code Summaries by expanding the transaction


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