Adding Vendor Contract Information

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Vendor Contract information is required for the Report of Independent Contractors. Each vendor can have a contract for each community.

This guide will give you step-by-step instructions on adding Contract Information to a Vendor on TOPS [ONE]


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Step By Step

1. Click Accounts Payable then Vendors. Select the vendor you want to edit. 

2. Go to the Contracts section, click +ADD  

3. Enter the details under Community 

Search the Community Name 

Name Contract Name 

Descrtiption You can use this section to describe the contract terms with your vendor

4. Enter the Contract Details 

Enter Contract Start Date - End Date 

Default to first payment recorded for vendor 

If it's a new vendor, it will default to the current date

If it's an Ongoing contract, click the Ongoing toggle  

This will gray out the End date

Enter Contract Amount - Optional entry, this does not get exported but is useful for portfolio and next-level reporting.

The Amount Paid YTD total amount paid to vendor YTD by this community.

5. When finished, click Save 


You will be able to see an overview of their contracts. 

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