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Creating a Collection Table


TOPS [ONE] Version, Last Updated 07/17/2018


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The Portfolio module is used to manage agents in your company. The following steps walk you through Creating a Collection table to a community. 


Step By Step

1. Click Portfolio and select Communities.

Select the community that you want to add a code to.

2. Under Related Links, click on Codes.

3. Under Collection Action, click on Add Code (Portfolio_Add_Code.png).

 This will take you to the Add Code page

4. Under Code Type, ensure Collection Action is selected.

5. Under Code Alias and Name, enter in the code’s identifiers.

Code (Alias) – This is the code’s unique identifier. This field has a 2 character minimum and a 10 character maximum.

Code Name

Code Description


7. Under Linked Accounts, enter in the GL Accounts associated to this assessment code.

Income Account – You can Type in the GL Account Number, GL Account Name, or click on the folder (Portfolio_GL_Search.png) to select the GL Account.

Receivable Account – You can Type in the GL Account Number, GL Account Name, or click on the folder (Portfolio_GL_Search.png) to select the GL Account

8. Under Collection Action Process, fill in the following information

Category Name Collection step name. Will show up on reports and on the Collection Flag on the property page.

Description    Full name/description of the action step 

Days   Amount of days an owner must be late in order to be eligible for this action step. 

Fee  (optional)   Fee that will be applied to the owner for meeting this step. It can either be a flat dollar amount, or a percentage of the balance due. Click the % or $ sign to toggle. 

Note: This is usually used to charge for postage if the collection letters are being sent via certified mail.  

Amount Due Balance owner will need to owe to qualify for this action step.  

Note: If no value is entered, a homeowner who owes $.01 will be eligible for this step if they meet the days' requirement. 

Document   Select a letter, from the letters section in the template library. This letter will be sent to the owner when they meet this step. 

9. Click on Add (Portfolio_Add_Code_Category.png).

Repeat until you have the desired amount of categories.

10. At the top right, click on Save (Portfolio_Save.png).


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