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Setting Up & Enabling Cost Centers



Cost Centers allow sub-accounts within a main Account Number 

This guide will give you step by step instructions on setting up your cost centers, and how to enable them. 



How to Set Up your Cost Centers

1. On the Navigation pane, click General Ledger then Chart of Accounts 

2. Click the Cost Centers tile 

It does not have to have a check mark in order to work in. 

This will open your Cost Centers page.



 3. Fill in the Cost Center Information 

Number The Cost Center number will display at the end of the GL account number. 

Name The Cost Center name will be at the end of the GL account name. 

Description Enter a short Description on Cost Center Account



Assign the Cost Center to Accounts 

4.  Click Accounts on the Cost Center 

5. Select your Accounts

By default, all of the accounts will be selected. 

-To Uncheck all the accounts click Deselect All 

-You can also manually Assign accounts by clicking the checkbox next to the accounts you want this Cost Center applied to. 

-To pick accounts by certain groups, Deselect all the accounts then click Options

Select one Option 

The application will only apply to the option selected, even if you have information filled out in every selection. 

Account Type  This will add the cost center to all the selected account type 

Account Range Enter a range of account numbers to add the cost center to. 

Existing Cost Center Pattern  Will copy the Cost Center selection for an existingCost Center 

6. Select Apply 

You will see a message at the bottom confirming the action 

7. Click Add 


8. Click Save after adding each cost center 

 To Add additional Sub Accounts, repeat steps 3-8 



Select your Default Account 

Note: This is an Alpha/Numeric field; you can use letters and numbers. 

1. Select a Default account

This Cost Center is always active and checked for all accounts when cost centers are on.



5. Click Save 

6. Verify your selection  

You have selected your default Cost Center Account!


Congrats! You've set up your Cost Centers! When you're ready to start using your Cost Centers, you'll need to enable them. 


Enable Cost Centers 

1. On the Navigation pane, click General Ledger then select Chart Of Accounts 


2. Click Actions then Edit 

3. Click the Toggle next to Cost Centers to enable. 

4. Click Save 

Your cost centers are now enabled! 




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