Getting to know TOPS [ONE] layout


Navigating through TOPS [ONE] is made easy with our User Interface. 

This guide will quickly go over the main items you should know to make your TOPS [ONE] experience easier. 




1. TOPS [ONE] Homepage button- Click this from any page to go to your main homepage.

2. Community Name and Breadcrumb trail- You can hover your mouse over the community name to switch communities. 

The Breadcrumb in TOPS [ONE]


3. Navigation Pane 

Navigation in TOPS [ONE]


4. Search Box - Search Owner, Vendors, Work Order numbers, communities, etc. 

How to Search in TOPS [ONE]

5. Notifications and User Settings - The notification bell with notify you of completed batches, latest TOPS [ONE] updates, and more. 

Notifications in Tops[One]

6. Action Button - Additional functions available for the current page. This can/will change depending on the TOPS [ONE] window you're on. 

Action button in TOPS [ONE]


7. Key Performance Indicator(KPI) - Quick snapshots available for different parts of website. 

8. Activity Feed - The Activity Feed allows you to quickly and easily see any changes that have been made to any of your communities in one area. 

You’ll always know what’s been done for every owner, every property, every vendor.

Every activity can be expanded to allow you to view information on that transaction. 

What is the Activity Feed?

9. Support Widget -Want to find a support article or get in contact with a support technician? Click the widget for more help  


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