Viewing your Support Requests


After you create a support ticket for TOPS, you can easily find the status of tickets you, and in some cases your team, have opened. 

You can see when the ticket was created, the ticket's priority, status, and the thread between you and the TOPS support agent. 

This guide will give you instructions on how to view your support tickets. 


How to Get There! 

1.  Go to our support website

If you're a TOPS [ONE] User, you can also click the user icon on your TOPS [ONE] page, and click Help to be redirected to our support site. 


2. Click Sign In  


3. Log in

If you create a support ticket and do not have a login, reach out to us and we can help you create an account. 

4. Click View A Ticket 


This will open your ticket activity page


What's on the screen? 

ID - The ticket number

SubjectUsually the first line of the support ticket 

Some might have the tag TFS or FR/

TFS - Will indicate a ticket that has a bug/known issue

FR/ - Will indicate tickets that have a feature request 

These are requests that have been made in order to change, or add a feature to your TOPS experience


Created Date the ticket was opened 

Last activity Last time someone, the support agent or the client, has replied to the ticket 


 - Waiting on the support agent's reply 

- Support agent has replied and is awaiting your reply 

- Ticket is solved and closed 




Whose tickets can I see? 

My Requests- Will show you all of your open tickets 

Organization requests - This option is not available for all users. If you are a power user and would like to see this option, have your admin reach out to us. :) 



When you open your ticket ...

1. Ticket number and subject 

2. Tickets current status


Awaiting your Reply


3. Ticket priority



4. Ticket thread

5. This will redirect you to the Submit a request page to open a new ticket

6. Enter your reply for the ticket here. 

7. Add a file to attach to the ticket. 

8. Mark the ticket as solved and close the ticket 

9. Submit your reply, or attachment. 


 What does a new ticket look like? 

After you open a new support ticket, you will get an email that looks like this!

All you have to do is reply to the email to send your support agent a message (yes, you can send attachments here as well). 


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