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Notice of New Changes Taking Effect in Support



On January 26th, 2018,  we implemented an impact-based response system that will allow us to respond faster to clients with higher needs. 

All clients can submit tickets, by submitting a ticket online at, by submitting a ticket inside the TOPS [ONE] application via the help button at the bottom left of the screen, or by calling our support help line at (800) 899-5689.  (We expect to release a similar in-app functionality for TOPS Pro and TOPS iQ users in the near future.)



Ticket Forms

If you're entering a ticket from either or our TOPS [ONE] support widget, you will be asked what kind of ticket you want to submit. 


General Questions Use this form if you have a general question about the application or it's functionality.   

Example: How do I do __? Can you do ___ in TOPS [ONE]?

Incident Submission Use this form when you're running into a problem in the software.

Examples: Error messages, software bug, can't access or login to the application.  Can't print financials.  Financials are inaccurate. 

 I did __, but I don't know why __ happened.

I did ___ and I don't know how to fix it. 

Enhancement Request Do you have a feature or a request for the TOPS program? Let us know by using this ticket type. 

Example: We had this feature ____ on TOPS Pro, can we add it to TOPS [ONE]?


Impact Level Qualifying Questions 

After you select a ticket form, we may ask some questions about your ticket. We ask these questions to ensure the higher priority tickets get answered quickly. It is important to answer the questions as accurately as possible. Failure to do so might result in your ticket not having the correct priority level and can result in a longer than needed response time.  


Incident Submission Forms 

Questions asked: 

Does this incident prevent you from providing accurate financial information to your customers?

Example: Are your reports not generating or inaccurate? Did you delete a transaction and it's still in the GL?

Does this incident prevent your staff from accessing the application?

Example: TOPS [ONE] Homepage isn't loading, it's just spinning. Users are unable to log into the application. 

Does this incident prevent you from communicating with your customers?

Example: Owners are unable to log into their owner access portal. 


Enhancement Request Form

These tickets will automatically be sent to our Product team. 

Questions asked: 

Did your previous software have this feature? 

What was the name of the previous software you used? 

Please describe the enhancement you'd like to request

Add as much detail as you can to describe the enhancement. 

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